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    Harassment and Intimidation of Public Officials?
    Saturday, 06 December 2008

    During the last few weeks of revising the Alcohol Ordinance of Remerton there have been several instances of what must be assumed to be attempts at harassment or intimidation.

    Frequent phone calls at all hours of the day and night with no one on the line to the members of council who are not perceived to be "on the side" of some bars are the mildest form.

    Among  other tactics have been the unfounded reports to the Department of Family and Children's Services and to the Lowndes County Fire Marshall.  These calls have be bragged about by a certain bar owner and reportedly  discussed by a student council member in class.

    Direct actions have included setting fire to a foliage insulating blanket outside of a council member's residence and a group of young men kicking the garage door of of a council member, followed by a drive-by and mocking laughter while the occupants inspected the damage.

    Is it time to call in the Georgia Bureau of Investigation?  Maybe...what do you think?

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